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Mr. Duncan's Math Classes

Meet Your Teacher

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I'm Mr. Duncan

I've been teaching for two years at Einstein, and two years overall.  I recently graduated from Vassar College in lovely Poughkeepsie, NY.  I moved down here after college and immediately applied for a job in Montgomery County.  I was excited to hear I would be working at Einstein, because, I heard great things about the students and the staff.  I look forward to a great year with you in whatever course you're in.
I get here early every morning so students should feel free to come by 207 and get some help before school starts.  When spring comes around I will be unable to stay after school because I am also the Tennis coach.  During this time of year it is important for students to come before school or during lunch.  The easiest way to succeed in math is to stay up to date with the material.

Office hours: 6:30-7:15 am
Office location: 207
Office Phone Number: 301-962-1038
Favorite Color: Pink

E-mail address: